Luxury Brands DNA Trap

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Luxury brands tend to consider themselves as the fierce guardians of their own heritage and DNA.
They focus on history and heritage developing exhibitions, movies, events.
They publish on social media black and white pictures of the last century and they continue to propose craftsmanship traveling tours displaying artisans creating products.

It’s OK. It’s fine.
But it’s not enough. Anymore.

DNA if not evolved, risks to be a trap. A loop. A dejà vu.


This doesn’t mean that a Brand shouldn’t have a Brand book, a Brand history and a storytelling around it.
It simply means that its own identity must be evolving and that, as the author hereafter mentions impeccably, some narratives must be released at a certain point. What if Vuitton only focused on luggages?

A Luxury Brand must manage the greatest challenge of them all:  to develop its own DNA, without being stuck in it as well as without destroying it completely.

For prestigious brands such as #RalphLauren#Panerai#Tods#Boucheron an unchallenged DNA represented a limit to the potential of the brand.

#Vuitton#Dior#Cartier#Valentino#PatekPhilippe#Rolex represent great examples of successful Brand DNA evolution: great respect for the past and great vision of the future.