Is #Gucci an Obstacle to #BottegaVeneta Growth?

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Gucci stunning double digit growth of the past three years was confirmed a few days ago by a +27,1% in the first 2018 quarter.

Gucci disrupted the fashion world with a new weird, no-gender, vintage-remix, psychedelic style that created so much buzz and business in the industry.

All this excitement and focus on those trendy fashion brands partially distracted by the slow agony of a once uber luxury star brand of Kering, Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta registered a slow down of sales in the first quarter of 2018 of – 6,8%. An alarmingly trend since several quarters that doesn’t seem to stop.

Has the Gucci and Balenciaga (and partially Saint Laurent Paris) effect and style of flashy, rich, baroque and daring clothes and accessories represented the worst enemy for the undercover, discreet and understated style of Bottega Veneta?

Has the move of several top executives and break up of BV team (Bizzarri, Bellettini, Flore among others) contributed to the weakening of the brand?

How can BV find its space in the market with such powerful in-house competitors?