Donatella #Versace and the Art of Evolving a Luxury Brand DNA

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The DNA of a luxury brand is one of its most precious assets.

It represents the backbone of the brand, its uniqueness, its point of differentiation and it nurtures the brand value.

If well kept, respected and preserved.

As every living being a brand must evolve with the times while preserving its own identity, creating new narratives to keep it fresh and appealing, staying true to the heritage.

That’s the greatest challenge for a luxury brand.

Donatella Versace recently said that Versace has a unique heritage that its’ not just dust off and re-offered every time on the market but it is always put under discussion and reworked with a fresh view, for today’s customer.

She adds that fashion evolves at the same time of the society and that heritage is enriching if we learn from the past and if the knowledge developed is integrated in what the brand is in the present moment.

The key point of a successful brand evolution is to manage the balance between change following the times and respecting the key brand codes and values, that must be written in a Brand Bible that every single employee of the company should have and should religiously follow.

That’s the long term success secret of brands such as #Hermès.