#Vuitton and #Dior Multi-Faceted Approach to Creativity

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A new trend in high-end fashion is taking place.

Dior paved the way for this approach a long time ago: the multi-creative directors global brand.
Since the early 2000s the brand named three creative directors: John Galliano, Hedi Slimane and Victoire de Castellane. Each of them focusing on a category: Women’s, Men’s, High-End Jewelry.
Since then the French maison always worked with this multi-faceted approach.

Vuitton dream team is now made by Guesquière, Abloh and Amfitheatrof, who was announced today as the new artistic director for watches and jewelry.

The #LVMH global multi-billion brands strategy is very clear:

  • the brand comes first
  • the designer is a contributor to the brand
  •  the brand vision is not monolithic and it is constantly evolving

And it sits exactly at the opposite of #Kering monolithic approach of the star designer where at #BottegaVeneta, #Gucci, #SaintLaurent, #Balenciaga the brand is the designer.

In the first case the evolution of the brand is guaranteed by the flexible creative system and the business growth is steady and constant, while in the second one the brand reaches a peak of success more quickly and then needs a greater disruption to (hopefully) regain traction.

That’s a match.