Rosita Missoni, 86 years of Passion, Talent and Strength

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Rosita Missoni is one of those fashion ladies who set the example for women (and men) in the industry.
She founded a legendary brand with husband Ottavio which meant strong family values, passion for beauty and unique style.
Rosita spread simple style and elegance through her public and private life.

She received the Italian Republic honour “Cavaliere del Lavoro” only 21 years after her husband and she said “I always worked more than him”, highlighting the difficulties that women had in the paste and still have to receive acknowledgement of their value versus men.

Diana Vreeland defined the Missoni couple as “geniuses”. They received the Neiman Marcus award and were crowned among the 20 most powerful fashion houses in the ’70s.

She is the queen of good taste and of a life well spent. She gently passed the baton to her daughter Angela when she decided that it was the right time to do it.
Rosita is a great example for resilience, being able to overcome with grace the tragic death of her son Vittorio and of her husband in the same year.
Grace, style, endurance, resilience, talent, passion, strength.
All values that we should take back in this hectic world.
A great teaching from a great entrepreneur.