Stone Island: a Legend Reboot

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#StoneIsland, a brand founded by the late Massimo Osti in 1982 and still owned by Carlo Rivetti Sportswear will mark the end of 2017 with revenues at 147 million euro (+36% vs previous year).

In the past 10 years Stone Island more than doubled its turnover (in 2008 was 62 million euro).
It recently scored collaborations with #Supreme (sold out in 8 seconds) and #Nike.
The turnover increase comes with a +34% vs 2016 at Ebitda level. No big investments were made in terms of retail nor communication. Just buzz and good vibrations and excellent reputation.

They recently welcomed Singapore group Temasek that acquired 30% stake with no involvement in the management, just investing in the business growth.
This is a great example of long term healthy growth of a fashion brand, which is not overexposed in Asia as more than 30% of the sales are made in Europe.

Stone Island is a renown brand which has been able to preserve its own DNA keeping and eye on innovation and partnerships.
It was a cool brand in the ’80s and it came back stronger, thanks to a healthy management with a long term vision.
An Italian Brand at its best.

A great example for many bigger brands that struggle to find their own pace in an hectic fashion world.