Adieu Monsieur Alaia

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Adieu Monsieur Alaia,
You were the most authentic and original “createur” of the fashion world.
You truly loved women and wanted them to be beautiful and self confident. Those stretch dresses, uber sexy shoes are legend.
You truly loved your fashion family. Those dinners in your kitchen surrounded by the fashion gotha and your dog. Pure cozyness.
Your being a free spirit was loved by customers and business partners and all of them surrounded you with love and appreciation.

No need to follow the crazy pace of fashion weeks, no need to disrupt your style to get visibility, no advertising campaigns and social media and you were still a champion of fashion freedom.

In an age where all fashion creatives need to be business men, merchandisers, image makers, unstoppable travelers you were Azzedine living in the Marais and following your own timing.

You didn’t create a business but you created an example to follow for the next fashion generations.
And you taught that there is always a choice that guarantees freedom of thought and creation.