LV Michael Burke or the Golden Touch of a Top Executive

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When we speak about leaders and top executives in luxury other names come to the mind before Michael Burke, but he is the undisputed number one.
Tough and demanding as a boss he is also a great motivator, a polarizing executive (love him or hate him or both) but he is with no doubt le Mazzarino de LVMH.

He’s very bright and entertaining but also a man of strategy and execution, long term collaborator of Bernard Arnault, he succeeded in:

  • launching LV in the USA in the ’80s
  • supporting Toledano relaunch of Dior in the ’90s
  • turning around Fendi in the 2000s (the biggest challenge ever)
  • merging Bulgari into LVMH (quite a challenge due to the presence of Francesco Trapani in the Group)
  • managing a new amazing era for Vuitton

He’s a manager with long term view and with great energy. Vuitton is clearly safe in his hands as he won’t spoil the brand with weird collections or short term objectives, he will continue to develop cool capsules, he will manage the right balance of art and glamour (a trend that Beccari at Dior should clearly follow), he will make the company revenues grow healthily.

No doubt he’s the Man of Luxury tout court.
An example to follow for many fashion and luxury managers aiming for success.