What 3-star Michelin Chefs Can Teach to the Luxury Industry

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Alain Passard is a 3 star Michelin chef since the last 20 years. He started his restaurant as a “rotisserie”, fully dedicated to meat. One day he decided to turn to vegetables, starting his own vegetable garden and working as a passionate chef on a brand new chapter that astonished food critics and clients.
He kept the 3 stars and started a new exciting and successful adventure in his own restaurant where he doesn’t keep a recipe book and where he changes menu every single day.

Alexandre Couillon is a 2 star chef of a restaurant on a tiny island in Normandy. He started his own business from nothing, in a place visited by tourists two months a year.
He promised that, if after seven years he wasn’t successful, he would have quit. He was going to shut down the restaurant after many sacrifices and experiments when he got the first Michelin star. He decided to continue and to experiment even more and his restaurant, based on the terroir products, has become a destination for gourmets.

Key learnings about true luxury:

  • is made by passionate people
  • is niche and not based on rigid action plans
  • is about gratification and not margin obsession
  • is not a corporation business
  • is made with the best ingredients

With love