On Armani and 7 Golden Rules of Success (and why they are not enough)

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Armani was founded by Giorgio himself and Sergio Galeotti 42 years ago.
Mister Armani is one of the most powerful fashion designer and entrepreneur of the industry and of its history.

7 Golden Rules for success we can take from him:

  1. Be yourself, focus on your own style and don’t follow the trends. Create them
  2. Inspire people with your trademark lifestyle and develop an appealing storytelling
  3. Nurture your world, your imagery and spread it through a 360 degrees communication and attitude
  4. Be authentic. You cannot be liked by everybody. Create your own community and nurture it
  5. Create your own work team of believers
  6. Be larger than life and believe in your own strength
  7. Enlarge your world including products, experiences and feeling of well-being

Other key golden rules crucial for the survival of a namesake brand

  • Efficient change is the biggest challenge. The company must evolve its own culture and attitude in the years
  • Train your employees, make them the best ambassadors, motivate them and reward them, thank them for their engagement
  •  Make customers happy with a full rounded experience

Let’s not forget that Mister Armani helped women dress to be powerful.

A great life statement.