Is Phoebe Philo Headed to Chanel?

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Karl Lagerfeld is at the helm of the French legendary brand since 1983, he’s a legendary designer who left an indelible trademark in the fashion industry.
He works for Chanel and Fendi as well as for his eponymous contemporary brand.
There will come a time when changes will have to happen at Chanel as well and a new designer will have to take over some or most of the duties of Lagerfeld.

Phoebe Philo could be the perfect women’s designer to become the next designer at the French luxury maison.

Simply because:

  • she is a visionary and a contemporary woman who could take the brand to the next step with a French touch
  • she has a proper luxury attitude needed by a French uber luxury maison
  • she is great in launching successful accessories
  • she always starts from the vision of the Brand and declines it in all the product categories

This challenge could be very strategic for Phoebe as well as she should rework some of her too conceptual, minimal, essential features of the style she successfully imposed to Celine.
On the other side having managed well the transition from Chloe to Celine, there is good hope that she will do the same for the next chapter of her luxury life.

Maybe she will take a sabbatical and will come back at the right time?