Jacquemus or the Unexpected Success of a new Brand

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Simon Porte Jacquemus recently founded his eponymous fashion brand.
Cultivated and light spirited, tenacious and motivated, talented and creative Jacquemus is an independent designer who succeeded to convince the French fashion federation to anticipate the opening day of the PFW to Monday September 25th allowing the Brand to show at the Picasso Museum.
To highlight his independent spirit he invited Monsieur Pierre Cardin who attended the show.

The collection is fresh and light, a real breathe of pure air compared to the boudoir-meets-studio54-meets-a British charity shop of some of Milan shows and compared to the dullness of New York and London.
Effortless, flawless, chic and rich in colors, wearable yet with unique cuts and silhouettes, the collection is the one of a young and mature designer who knows what women want and how to make them feel good wearing his clothes.

Jacquemus is a Brand that conquered buyers and press as well as influencers and customers.

He did it alone, with grit and resilience. His success wasn’t due to million euro media budget or big luxury groups diplomacy.
He’s an original designer, a storyteller, a content maker who is great in designing clothes.
Jacquemus is a designer who has a lot to tell and he has a great potential for growth.

A shining star in the fashion industry.