Fendi Next Chapter

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With a newly appointed CEO, Serge Brunschwig, Fendi starts a brand new chapter of its life.
Since LVMH acquisition the brand has been very successfully relaunched thanks to Michael Burke efforts in the turnaround and the Pietro Beccari smart touch.
The new chapter at Fendi will certainly involve an amount of natural risk that Brunshwig, a discreet and focused CEO, will have to manage.

While Burke had to drive the most difficult yet rewarding years of the relaunch of the Roman brand and Beccari had just to steer it well with lots of diplomacy and business acumen, Brunshwig will have to promote changes and to make the brand more dynamic and desirable among its competitors.

Main topics in the next chapter could be:

  • Creative direction (long live to Karl but who will be his successor)?
  • Brand magnetic appeal (so far the brand is growing healthily but its appeal is a bit “foggy”)
  • Product strength (product is impeccable, quality is at its best but what about more impactful storytelling about it?)
  • Digital and online boost (even in China the brand had a very soft approach to this media)
  • Genius loci. Fendi, with Valentino, Bulgari and Gucci has its creative roots firmly planted in Rome. Is it a factor to be further exploited or a limit?

Time will tell