Western Influencers are the New Media, Chinese Influencers the New Retailers

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Western influencers are the new media tools of the Brands they collaborate with.

Previously this role was played by fashion magazines while more frequently these ones are replaced by fashion influencers and their social media. That’s why Vogue editors have criticized the bloggers in different occasions: they feel the competition. Bloggers have created flexible, free, eye-catching and much more hands on media than the “good old times” fashion magazines.

While fashion magazines are obsessed by the next cover 3 months in advance, fashion bloggers develop a continuos storytelling in real time.

Western bloggers create a universe of storytelling, values and way of being that can catch the attention of new targets and that can help spreading the Brand DNA.

Chinese influencers, on the opposite, are powerful retailers.

They are the perfect sales people, powerful and effective. If a plan is well developed by a Brand and the blogger well chosen for the market, the Brand hits the sales target.

Chinese bloggers have their own “clients book” (hmm followers group) and as soon as they promote a product (not a Brand, not a lifestyle) they switch on the selling machine.

So, think global and act local.