Pierre Bergé. He Will Be Deeply Missed

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“I am a man who has spent more than half a century ostensibly and visibly accompanying Yves Saint Laurent throughout his life – but not only that. In the past and still today, I have been behind a lot of creators and artists, supporting them and helping them. That’s probably how I see my mission.” (Pierre Bergé)

Another milestone of the “passion for fashion” time left us.

He was the pillar of the Yves Saint Laurent company and of the designer as well. A keen art collector. One of the most successful Brand creators and developer. A powerful yet discreet business man. Daring and bon vivant.

The more we remember and dig into the stories of such fashion giants, the more it is sad to see how very few of them have been left.
In a fashion industry full of grey yes man, he will always be remembered as a colorful, wise, cultivated, curious, respected entrepreneur who protected with all his weapons a genius but fragile designer.
In a world where the CEOs like to be more divas than the creative directors, he always stayed one step behind.
Aware that the brighter was Yves star, the more it enlightened his figure.

Clever and enthusiast, sharp and confident Pierre Bergè is one of the most unforgettable stars of the fashion industry.