Why Gucci is the most relevant Brand in Fashion now (and why it doesn’t set the example)

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Corriere della Sera published an interview to Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri last Saturday.
Bizzarri is a great believer in change, being curious, listening to young employees, disrupting the status quo.
He also said that the aesthetic revolution cannot be long lasting and that he’s focusing on changing the company culture preparing it for the next chapter without him.

Gucci, thanks to the duo Bizzarri-Michele, achieved a stunning +43% in revenues in the first semester of 2017.
The new Gucci attracted the so-called “Millennials”(very likely Chinese) which now represent 57% of its customers (risky business? see my post on Chinese Millennials debt).

Such a stunning growth is sustainable only in the short term. Then? How to guarantee a solid growth?

So far Gucci success is a great individual achievement of the CEO and Creative Director. Their strike.
But it’s not a formula that can be applied elsewhere. Especially not for the long term.
From now on the challenge is to keep a steady growth while making the Brand more and more able to thrive by itself.

Because no Brand can afford too many disruption. And the responsibility of a CEO is to make it strong and resilient for the long term.