#ChiaraFerragni Wedding or “Just Kids”

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Like it or nor Chiara Ferragni is a very powerful influencer.
She has more than 14 million followers on Instagram and some of her posts reach more than a million likes.
She is an Italian, very smart self-made entrepreneur and the ambassadress of some of the most prestigious fashion and beauty brands in the world.

Yesterday she married a very famous Italian rapper, Fedez.
They recently had a baby boy, Leone, born in glamorous Los Angeles.
Unlike many celebrities, they preferred not to sell any exclusive to the media for the wedding and let the guests free to cover it on every possible social media.
They reached an audience higher than the best TV programs in Italy.
It was the wedding of the year. Joyful and full of emotions and entertainment.

While on one side declining fashion press criticizes influencers and their way of working and on the other side Italian youngsters complain about not having the right space in the work environment, Chiara Ferragni is the perfect example of our era and how, a simple yet very ambitious and smart girl succeeded in a very claustrophobic and frozen industry.

Doing it in her own terms.

Happy life, Chiara!