#ItalianPride : Enzo Ferrari and why HR aren’t always right

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Enzo Ferrari in 1918 was rejected by Fiat.

“It was the winter of 1918-1919, extremely cold, I remember it with lots of pain. I was in the street in Turin, with the clothes freezing on me. Going through the Valentino Park, I cleaned a bench from the snow with my bare hands, I sat there. I was alone, my father and elder brother were dead. Devastated by discouragement, I started to cry”

Congratulations to the enlightened Fiat HR Director Diego Soria who didn’t care to understand the potential of such a talent.

Discouraged but not defeated Ferrari looked for another job and started in a workshop specialized in fast cars bodies.
And, after the initial desperation, he started to dream.
And he created A Dream called Ferrari.
He officially created the Scuderia Ferrari in 1947 after many years of competitions.
He started producing and selling Ferrari cars to fund the competitions and the Scuderia.
He was called “The Drake”. Like the pirate Francis Drake.

He sold the company to Fiat, who recently listed the company at the stock exchange.
On July 25th 2018 the market capitalization of Ferrari was 21,699 billion euro versus 21,679 of Fiat Chrysler.

Definitely the best overtaking.

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