Fashion or “What got you here, won’t get you there” (Marshall Goldsmith)

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There is a general sense of tiredness and lack of purpose this time at Fashion Weeks.

Dozens of Fashion zombies walk around from a party to a presentation to a catwalk asking to themselves: is that all?
Despite the hectic efforts of creative directors, CEOs, PR armies, fashion press, top models and influencers nothing seems to create interest and appeal anymore.
Clothes are clothes, many journalists are complaining in these days. Business is business we would dare to say. And the invasion of tacky logos on beautiful coats, bags and shoes just nurtures the sensation of the end of an era.

Most of the fashion brands have badly aged. They didn’t get into a modern mindset of human resources organization, they are repeating the same mistakes, hiring the same profiles and missing the new “air du temps”.
Communication is quite flat. Brand strategy is unknown.
The brand growth is left in the hands of creative people and public relations managers.

That’s not enough.

Brand strategy is a science and is not based in making gifts to press and influencers to get more editorials and followers.
Brand strategy is what fashion brands desperately need the most.