Candid #KarlLagerfeld or an Open eye on Fashion

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The luxury Kaiser recently released an interview to Numéro where he honestly told what he thinks (like it or not).

Despite all the big titles and the controversy created by the media, the interview comes from a free thinker and a very witty yet sharp luxury geniuses and it’s worthy reading it entirely.

Among all the quotes of the interview, the most interesting is the one about creativity and designers.

“All these designers who design exclusively for brands end up finding themselves completely sterilised.

By dint of revisiting their own classics, they end up going around in circles, biting their own tails.

As far as I’m concerned, I am obliged to constantly reinvent myself by going from one house to the next, which is what also allows me to see what’s happening next door.

I’m constantly moving, which stops me from navel-gazing all day and becoming fossilised.”

Food for thought.