May 14, 2020 – THE FASHIONABLE ESPRESSO CLUB ONLINE NEW WEBINAR – in talks with Amrita Maria

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Do you want to know more about how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can help the fashion and luxury industry to overcome the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak?

Then follow my conversation with Amrita Maria a fashion and innovation expert and global business manager at Obsess a ground-breaking fashion start up collaborating with prestigious brands such as Dior and Chanel.

Obsess mission says:

“Obsess is reinventing the e-commerce interface for discovery-driven product categories. Our mission is to turn online shopping into an experience. And replace the monotonous grid e-commerce interface that hasn’t changed since it was created by Amazon 25 years ago to sell books.

Obsess is an Augmented & Virtual Reality software platform for experiential shopping. Our proprietary technology enables brands and retailers to serve 3D 360 shopping experiences on their websites, mobile apps and social channels via our 3D Commerce Cloud.”

Obsess also developed virtual showroom for the likes of Camera della Moda Milano/Diesel

“Amid cancelled buyer appointments due to coronavirus and changing structure of fashion week, it has become imperative for brands to update their wholesale process in short order.

Obsess can help by creating beautiful 360 VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS that immerse buyers in the brand experience – visually present the theme of a collection, going beyond the basic catalogue view in b2b ordering platforms. All accessible on a phone or computer – no travel, app download, or headset needed. To minimize the impact on next season, when consumers emerge from the lockdown and are ready to shop.”

The coronavirus outbreak made start up like Obsess highly sought after by fashion and luxury brands looking for new, efficient, plug and play digital solutions.

On May 14th at 4pm join us via Zoom or Facebook live on the page of The Student Hotel.

Bring your own cup!