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“Run the day. Don’t let it run you” …

Taking responsibility of our actions is the most difficult things to do. Blaming others for our failures and troubles is much easier.

Tomorrow the lockdown in Italy will be eased and most of the Italians will start living a new chapter.

Some businesses will thrive and some will fail. It will be hard for everybody.

Only remaining rational, aware and mindful we will overcome all the risks linked to this new phase, including a new raise in contagions as well as the economic challenges of every business activity.

There is no other way to move on than to go on visual navigation and steering the boat studying the winds in the moment.

The storm is too big to waste our time blaming others.
We might go and look for the Indes risking to find ourselves discovering America.

No time for blaming others, regretting the past and living in pain the present.

Time to set the sails and go outside the harbour. Time to explore, experiment and exchange.