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Do you know powerful can be artificial intelligence at the service of social media listening?
Are you eager to know more about digital intelligence for business growth?

Then join me in a conversation with Gianandrea Facchini, founder and CEO of Buzztech.

Buzztech is a digital intelligence agency that developed tools for web and social media listening and “measuring the impact of conversation, search, advertising on the bottom line”.

As they say “To deliver the best, most accurate results we integrate our large repository of sources and our proprietary social media listening engines with and Twingly, data providers for the most relevant listening companies.”

Buzztech also developed a tool that “measures this impact showing correlations between the trend of conversations, Google searches, other communications index (to be chosen by the client) and sales or SOM.”

In a word that is increasingly complex AI is the best way to help understand the market trends, the sentiment of the people about a brand, a product, an event.

There will also be space to talk about “Ahead”, a new project launched during the coronavirus lockdown.

“None of us was ready to face the situation we have being living in since February 2020, nor as individual nor as organizations.
More than two months later the beginning of the lockdown there are industries still struggling to cope with the current scenario and without a clue on what’s next.
The uncertainty of the exit strategy, on how long the pandemic will last, if it could be back in the next months or weeks, these are all factors threating a global financial infrastructure, more fragile than the expected.

The first setback is on clients which bought goods and services they cannot enjoy
The second setback is on clients which would have loved to buy goods and services and are discouraged by delivery issues (goods not available, delivery time postponed in terms of weeks if not months)
The third setback is on clients which are not familiar with credit card and other electronic mean of payment and could therefore eventually give up their purchases

Of course, all these setbacks are on organizations as well as they may not be able to sell goods and services or not being able to produce and distribute them.
Everything is so entwined, more than we were ready to recognize, that only global solution may apply successfully to help out of this situation.
And the same is for the much requested intelligence on what will happen of several businesses and industries.

AHEAD mission is to contribute to generate this knowledge collecting the unfiltered voices of individuals and translating them into insights.
This won’t be a single shot research but it is an ongoing process following the fluctuation of opinion, thought, feelings.”

See you on April 16th at 5PM CET
Via Zoom or live on the Facebook page of The Student Hotel Firenze.

And, bring your own cup!