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We are doing our best to cope with these difficult times, to deal with fear and uncertainty and to learn how to come out stronger from this breakdown.

Some of us are willing to come back to life as it was before coronavirus lockdown, others are wishing for a “new normal” and other ones are bracing from deep changes, aware that these two months of 2020 are making history, not chronicles.

We lived times where catch phrases were spread every day by politicians, brands and normal people.

From the Barak Obama “I care” to the “How dare you” of Gretha Thunberg, millions of people massively followed charismatic leaders in their (mostly digital) efforts…

Now we begin understanding that the solution is in our hands (to wash well), in our health (to keep and preserve), in our eldest (to carefully protect), in our pets (to lovingly care), in our children (to conscientiously educate) and in our lives (to nurture and love).

The solution is not delegated to others.

We are the solution. 

If we cultivate ourselves as human beings first of all and if we help others be safe and well, if everyone takes care of one person and a pet, the recovery will also be a tribute to all the people that have sacrificed their lives for helping others.

It’s time for “I take care”.