On Fendi, anti-divas, mentors and discretion

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Fendi is an Italian luxury brand founded in Rome in 1918 (almost a century ago) by Adele Fendi as a leather goods and fur workshop.

All the five Adele daughters: Anna, Alda, Franca, Carla and Paola took over in 1946 and in 1965 they appointed a very young Karl Lagerfeld as the Brand Creative Director.
Fendi rapidly became one of the most prestigious Fur and Leather Goods Brand.
In 1999 LVMH, after a fierce competition with Gucci Group, became the owner of the Brand.
Only Carla Fendi stayed and became Chairman and Silvia Venturing Fendi (the very talented yet discreet daughter of Anna Fendi) was confirmed by the new ownership as Head of Accessories and Men’s Collection.
Karl Lagerfeld celebrated in 2015 his 50 years of collaboration with Fendi.

Fendi is brand with a very distinctive personality, ever changing and always preserving its DNA and Brand identity. It’s very focused on Rome and its lifestyle yet very international and edgy.

Silvia Fendi, following the success of the Baguette created other best-sellers such as the Spy bag until the most recent Peek-a-boo.

The creative duo at the helm of the Brand is very unique and quite unusual but very much close and harmonious despite the fact that it is composed by a woman and a man with totally different personalities who share the same passion for their job and the same love and bond with the Brand.
Silvia Fendi is a very creative, smart and cultivated woman with a great love for her family and fully immersed in the Brand development. She is very international yet very much close to her hometown: Rome.

She is the anti-diva. Discreet, passionate about art and always very zen, she is a great visionnaire and an amazing mentor for her team.

She attends events whenever it is necessary but she is not a socialite. She prefers private dinners to Cannes parties. She rarely gives interviews and she has very clear what true luxury means. Only through hard and focused work success is reached and kept in the long-term.

Compared to many other Creative Directors she stands at the upper level. Very experienced, open minded, curious, a true explorer yet normal and at ease.

She manages her teams and motivate them. At the point that she created sort of a “school” and among her collaborators she had Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli (the creative duo behind the successful Valentino), Giambattista Valli (who collaborated to the “Fendissime” collections) and Frida Giannini and Alessandro Michele (both at Gucci since the early 2000s).
Silvia Fendi helped and supported another designer from her team, Marco De Vincenzo who recently created his eponymous brand and still works at Fendi.
And, last but not least she also believed and supported the talent of her daughter Delfina Delettrez Fendi who is listed among the most powerful young designers in the world, having launched a niche jewelry collection acclaimed for its surrealist touch and originality.

In an era where diva designers are more than ever egocentric, love showing off their relationships with volatile celebrities rather their collections and everybody wants to stand under the spotlight and well visible, anti-divas like Silvia Fendi stand out for discretion, knowledge, savoir faire and cleverness. Most of all she is one of the few truly talented designers who have been well accepted and highly appreciated by the new owner of the company.

Silvia Fendi should be a great benchmark for all the fashion and luxury designers and she is the living proof that keeping a low profile and working hard creates long term appreciation and reputation.