David Bowie. A life master in 5 points.

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David Bowie’s life has been rich and full of aspects that can inspire our daily life.

1. CHANGE. Life is constant change. “Panta rei” as the renown ancient greek philosopher Heraclitus highlighted. Everything flows, nothing is the same as time goes by. Accepting change is very important in our lives but encouraging it, looking for it is even more relevant. We shouldn’t just “accept change” passively when it occurs but we should go for the change, for the transformation in our lives. We should drive change in our lives.

2. VERSATILITY. We are not monolithic, we are not just the manager, the mum, the employee. We are more than that and we are all of that. He was a singer, an actor, a songwriter, a husband, a dad, a painter, a photographer. We should do the same: cultivating all the unique aspects of our personality and of our lives. We are a kaleidoscope, not a torch.

3. CURIOSITY and EXPLORATION and TRANSFORMATION. Curiosity is what makes the world so interesting, inspiring, challenging. Exploration can be pursued anytime, anywhere. Living your times, never being nostalgic, always being open to the world makes the difference in a human being. Allowing ourselves to be free and, most of all to be free to transform ourselves, takes to a full and fulfilled life. As Pirandello wrote in a very famous novel we are “uno, nessuno, centomila” (“one, nobody, a hundred thousands”). We talk about 12 lives of David Bowie: isn’it genius? We only live once but we can live different lives at the same time.

4. WORK-LIFE BALANCE. After serious health problems and the birth of his daughter David Bowie decided to slow down, to drastically reduce the public appearances and to focus more on his private life. Can we try to do the same before anything serious occurs to us? Burn out, health and sleep problems, family troubles, obsessive thoughts, a lifestyle that asks us to always accelerate and never decompress can appear appealing to our Ego, that is always looking for adrenaline shots and public success but our inner Self gets lost and we feel like on a little wreck in a stormy sea. Let’s try to rebalance all of this. Love makes the difference in our lives, not cash.

5. EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS. David Bowie was not Mick Jagger. That is clear. And he never wanted to be anyone else than himself, at its best, in every occasion, in every decade of his life. Mick Jagger is always the same since when he was a teen, David Bowie was different. He embraced transformation, evolution, risk. David Bowie is unique and so you are. So why don’t you try to love yourself more instead of looking for the life of somebody else? Take a risk, embrace and deeply love your uniqueness.

Long live David Bowie. A contemporary life master.