Fashion for Bananas

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Maurizio Cattelan banana art piece and the State of Fashion When Art is Performance and Provocation. As Vittorio sgarbi said art is an idea. And this time the idea suggested by the Cattelan art piece featured at Miami Art Basel Galerie Perrotin is very likely that the value we give to an object is completely depending on the idea we create around it. What’s the value of a banana taped at a wall, going to rotten soon? What’s the purpose of a collector buying it? What’s the value of the act of another artist to eat it? Did the artist gave the best value to the fruit, by eating it instead of letting it ripe taped on a white wall? The subtle message is that every object has a value depending on the person who buys it. The strongest message is that every single thing can have different values and that it can be valuable or it can be useless. The action and the ideas around it make the difference. Is the banana valuable for its set price or for its function? This performance makes me think about the fashion items. Is buying a Moncler duvet the same act as buying a Patagonia jacket? Is a fashion item valuable because it’s pricey? A new trend is coming: Banana Fashion