Why Start Up are not for everybody. Especially in Fashion

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Start ups are not for everybody. Especially in fashion

There is certainly a startup hype growing in Europe and now it is conquering also the secluded and self-referred fashion industry. While creating a start up might seem a great exercise, it is not certainly for faint-hearted people.

As per the Harvard Business Review article experience and and hard skills are not enough to develop a successful start up.

The magic mix is made by: – experience – knowledge – shared entrepreneurial passion (yes, it’s not an employees job, it takes lots of risks and uncertainty) – shared strong strategic vision

If you put together very experienced and knowledgeable people with very different goals in mind you can just get as an outcome bad team dynamics and weak decision making.

Fashion professionals should think twice (and ask “why”) before jumping into the idea of creating a start up.

As fashion people are too used not to be independent nor risk takers to be successful in this bumpy road. A deep reset in the mindset is needed.

But, again, creating a start up and making it successfully is not for everyone.