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Powerful women

Rose Marcario

2006: she left a high-flying private equity job to go to India and restore herself following a burnout.

2007: she said that “the business world’s addiction to quarterly earnings was suicidal.”

2008: she joined Patagonia.

In 2020 she stepped down as CEO to “focus on the next steps in making systematic change to corporate benefit to the world”, especially leveraging technology and media.

She is also promoting the idea that “if capitalism is serving multiple stakeholders, then I think it can be compassionate. Then you care about your employees, you care about your suppliers, you care about your community, it’s different than just caring what your earnings per share is. That’s not going to lead you to a good long-term effect.2

And that …
“And we can do it! I ran a business that’s a really successful business by any indicator…and we were doing a lot of good in the world”

She took the green brand to almost 1 billion $ revenues and she launched the infamous campaign “Don’t buy this jacket”.

She could make the perfect CEO for a big brand in fashion aiming at being sustainable, walking the talk.
Will she?