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Some fashion and luxury¬†brands are stuck in the sandpit, too afraid to move on and too nostalgic of the “old normal”

Some of them are rigid because they have never done maintenance, some others are thinking big and cutting costs.

The most interesting ones are exploring the New World.

Instead of shutting down projects they have changed them, instead of doing propaganda they are sniffing what’s going on in the air.

And they are bold enough to go outside of their boxes on discovery path, focused on a new keyword:



Burberry and Dior are going to show outdoor their new collections.

Dior will organize a Cruise show in Southern Italy, in the jewel city of Lecce, Puglia and Burberry will show in the magnificent British countryside.

The two brands couldn’t be more different but both demonstrate the will not to just survive the pandemic outbreak but also to explore new paths for the industry.

What do they have in common? Italian Ceo and Creative Director.

And they will take us live outside of the claustrophobic places where we lived until now: our houses and devices.

It won’t just be a techno show with trance music.

It will be a journey.

It will be a borderline experiment of bold people willing to uplift us.

Thank you.