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Start working well in fashion and luxury

It seems that a new trend is taking place in these days: fashion and luxury companies are becoming big believers in smart working.

They call it smart working but it is just “work from home” and it is an obsolescent concept and dangerous if used as a solution for cutting fixed costs.

The risk of this misleading idea of smart working is that an employee is requested to work exactly in the same way as in the office, from home.

Trouble is that not everybody has a house with a space that can be dedicated to a desk, an office chair (as requested), proper lighting and silence.
Not everybody has a nice spot to be adorned as a background nor has proper air conditioning.

Facebook has already anticipated that its employees are free to work from home but if they choose to move from the area of the HQ they might face pay cuts.

In Switzerland a court ruled for the employer to give a fixed contribution to the employee who has to set up an office space at her house.

Who pays the bills? A good wi-fi (powerful enough for a family with different needs), office furnitures, proper lights, air conditioning and heating.

Who educates managers to enhance a different mindset to favor smart work instead of just mere execution of tasks?