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The luxury of thinking

Our days tend to be full of things to do, to prepare, to share.

We are always in motion, even if we are stuck at home. Our commitments keep us always on. For the family, for the company, for social media, for the world outside.

We risk not to take the time we need to think before we act.

We tend to over-act and under-think.

Strategy has never been so important, yet neglected, in our lives and in our companies.

Strategic thinking is a key process in human beings lives as well as in companies management.

It requires the ability to focus on openness and curiosity matched with the analysis of opportunities and problems from a broader point of view.

It is helped by information and understanding and by reflection on what has come out from research made.

It asks for ideas formulation and leads to decide what actions to take.

And it has to integrate the management of change, the adjustments and the maintenance to be done.

Strategic thinking is a must, before planning.

So very few occasions are left in these hectic days of budget revisions, projects negotiations and even family adjustments to dedicate time to this crucial process.

To dedicate time to strategic thinking is the best things we can do for us, our family and our work.