Karl Lagerfeld Legacy for Fashion Professionals

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The moving CHANEL show of today doesn’t close an era, despite the “Heroes” final catwalk soundtrack.

Karl Lagerfeld immense legacy will stay forever in the #Fashion system.

We can still learn a lot from his life.

  1. Believe in your talent and work to make your dream come true
  2. Be an explorer. Accept no limits
  3. Your life is in your hands. Stay awake
  4. Nurture friendship and be kind, encouraging others to thrive
  5. Your own storytelling is the magic enhancing your talent
  6. Put your ideas at the service of the brand you work for. Make it a success. And you will be repaid.
  7. Face good times and hard times with brightness and elegance
  8. Go your own way even if you have to break the rules
  9. Be eclectic
  10. Never look back
  11. Be aware that, despite your immense talent and charisma, nothing lasts forever but the style and the imagery you have created
  12. Be iconic. And unique
  13. Don’t follow be trendy, be timeless
  14. Be the leader of your pack
  15. Create empowering icons. Not just products

And you?

What is the most inspiring feeling Karl left you?