Why a Heart and Soul is key for #FashionBusiness

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#FashionBrands are usually renown for their bold vision, the pioneer spirit and their courage to be leaders and not followers.

But this is not enough.

What is needed the most in this moment is to abandon the stereotypes, to embrace an openhearted, passionate and fulfilling new approach and to invest energies without being distracted by Millennials, Chinese, Hipster, Diversity empty words and strict descriptions of a non existing standardized group of people.

This means a laser focus marketing strategy, made by human beings for human beings instead of being driven by Artificial Intelligence tricks.

It is about having a unique purpose and developing captivatin products.

Let’s take #Apple. As #SteveJobs once said:

“The world doesn’t need another Dell or HP. It doesn’t need another manufacturer of plain, beige, boring PCs. If that’s all we’re going to do, then we should really pack up now.

But we are lucky, because Apple has a purpose. Unlike anyone in the industry, people want us to make products that they love. In fact, more than love. Our job is to make products that people lust for. That’s what Apple is meant to be.”

And that’s what Fashion Brands are meant to be, as well.

Not shampoo labels.