Raf Simons, Calvin Klein and the Voldemort factor

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Raf Simons, Calvin Klein and the Voldemort factor

Calvin Klein and Raf Simons “amicably” parted ways.

A press release said “Calvin Klein, Inc. decided on a new brand direction which differs from Simons’s creative vision.”

After just two years. And million of dollars of investments.

Key learnings still ignored:

  • Creative Directors don’ t have the magic wand, they are not Harry Potter, they don’t do miracles
  • Fashion brands should not pick the big name just to make buzz and gain short term appraisal by the shareholders without deeply sharing the same vision, strategy
  • The relaunch of a brand must start from a global 360° strategy. The creative director is just a gear in the machine and NOT the brand
  • In case of business troubles, to be consistent, the company should terminate the CEO as well
  • Strategic executives are a must for a company listed at the stock exchange. The Creative Director cannot be put in charge of the company strategy
  • The company top executives committee must be made accountable for the success or the failure of the strategy
  • Gucci overnight success IS NOT a benchmark

There is no Voldemort to be killed in fashion business.

The enemy is the lack of visionand the hire and fire attitude.

The evil is a short term and scapegoat management.