#FrancaSozzani. A tribute

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Today, two years ago Franca Sozzani left us.

Sad time.

The last time I saw her it was at a gala dinner.

I was with the Creative Director of the Brand I worked for.

She arrived. Smiling, as usual.

She stopped to say hello and, smiling, she gracefully said “the two of you, we need to meet and talk about several ideas”.

She was like that. Warm and friendly, yet authoritative and influential. You couldn’t say no to her.

She was a volcano of ideas, projects, concepts.

I had the privilege to work with her on deals and events and I admired her strength, clarity, power.

She had the same gaze as one of her closest friends, Miuccia Prada: smart, sharp, clever, irreverent but sweeter.

An ambassador for human rights and Africa. Fondly in love with her pet, Lazslo. She was class, elegance and culture.

One of the greatest business women of Conde Nast ever, she represented an icon, a mentor to so many fashion professionals.

An iron hand in a velvet glove.

She travelled to China in 2013 and she created the first Vogue magazine entirely dedicated to her passion and respect for China.

Her passing away closed the most glorious chapter of fashion.

I admired the way she dealt with her fate. The immense dignity. Always smiling.

She is deeply missed