On Cultural Appropriation and Kim Kardashian. When driving is better than being dragged.

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We live in times where people are sensitive about their ethnic symbols and icons.

This led to headaches for #fashion brands such as PradaChristian Dior CoutureCarolina Herrera and Gucci (among many others) accused to take advantage for business purposes or to mocking specific cultural groups through the launch of products seen as offensive or unrespectful and have been forced to apologize and support the upset groups publicly instead.

The feeling from outside was the one of a messy situation started in good faith and rapidly degenerated in hardly manageable scandal leaving every party upset.

Then Kim Kardashian decided to launch a new line of shape wear very in line with her own brand DNA. She went for a naming quite uncanny and not so linked to the products: : “Kimono”.

A rise of prompt criticism from social media pushed the hashtag #KimOhNo (clever, isn’t it?), the mayor of the city of Kyoto addressed a letter to her asking to rethink the name of the brand. She eventually decided to accept the remarks and choose another name for her collection.

Couldn’t it be the best free campaign for a collection aiming to reach the highest visibility?

Timely, clear and helpful. Fortuitous?