Celebrating Maria Grazia Chiuri

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Yesterday Maria Grazia Chiuri presented an amazingly chic Haute Couture collection inspired by “Caryatids: These sculptures embodying female forms that support the architecture of ancient temples and decorate certain Parisian edifices, draped in tunics with pure lines, have always shouldered the weight of the world.⁠” as stated by the Maison.

The show set was created by powerful artist Penny Slinger who said “I wanted to be my own muse. And I wanted to confound the whole principle that I saw throughout the history of art which was really based very much around the man using the woman as a muse so she becomes the subject bu in an objectified way”.

They built the set in the Maison Dior and the result was a dark, powerful and energetic black witch project that focuses on women inner strength.

Maria Grazia passion and talent was acknowledged yesterday with the Legion d’Honneur given to her for all her accomplishements in fashion.

She said she’s been lucky in her life. It’s true.
But luck has also to be cultivated and talent has to be nurtured.
She is also so generous that she is paving the way for the next generations of women spreading a very supportive message.

“Be your own muse”