Disruption is the Worst Enemy in Luxury

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One of the most often used word by marketers is “disruption”. The second most used probably is “digital”.
It seems that disruption is a must for a brand willing to stay in the market and rock.
And, even more, it seems that digital disruption is the only way to be successful.

It isn’t always like that.

In a very interesting article the Harvard Business Review points out at some key lessons that emerge when heavy commitments to digital capability development meet basic financial performance problems.

  1. No manager (and no management committee nor board of directors) should view digital as their sure salvation.
  2. Digital transformation is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business
  3. It’s important to calibrate your digital investments to the readiness of your industry (and your brand mindset)
  4. The allure of digital can become all-consuming, causing executives to pay too much attention to the new and not enough to the old.

Disruption should be the last tentative to stay alive for desperate brands.
The real deal is a daily, mindful management at 360°, integrating all the key activities into a precise strategy, kept alive and updated every day.

Maintenance is the only way to make a brand thrive in the long-term.