MY FIRST BOOK IS PUBLISHED! “Luxury Unlocked” The Key to Mastering Luxury Brands in a Disrupted Age

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I wrote this essay in Florence during the coronavirus lockdown. It sums up all my experience and point of view after more than 20 years as an executive in the fashion and luxury industry.

I decided to self-publish it on Amazon because I wanted to make it available as soon as possible as the hot topics discussed are part of the global conversation on the state of the world and also because I wanted to prove myself in this adventure.

It’s been a bumpy road but I am very pleased to share with all of you today the result of my long nights awake as well as the efforts to make a sharp, thought provoking work that puts together my passion for writing with the one for this exciting industry.

I hope this can stimulate the making of a more sustainable and meaningful industry.
The book is available in USA, UK, France, Spain, Japan, India, Italy
Please let me know your thoughts about it!


While the world is still dramatically upset by the global breakdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the time has come to focus on how the luxury and fashion system can thrive again and grow enduring successful business.

Luxury Unlocked unveils the luxury and fashion system vulnerabilities and highlights the path to evolve them into long lasting solutions.

Susanna Nicoletti contributes to the conversation in the industry with her unique and razor-sharp analysis and thought-provoking clues.

Featuring original highlights, brand stories and market insights, this essay guides you in the backstage of some of the most intriguing cases and draws the attention to forward looking evolutions of the industry.

Instead of appealing for a return to a new normal, this book is focused on finding original and innovative business approach for a luxury and fashion world that, for too long, has resisted deep change.

Luxury Unlocked is not an academic handbook, it is an essay with a specific and unusual, outspoken point of view from a fashion and luxury insider.

It unveils some of the well-kept secrets of the industry and promote radical yet very effective solutions to refresh and restart a system with a huge potential, rich of ideas, creativity and business opportunities but presently locked in a honey trap.

The fashion and luxury industry has never been so fragile as in this moment and the usual quick fixes recommended by those who took the system into a perilous roadblock do not work, as the resistance to change is too high to allow insiders to make amendments to rigid and financially driven organizations.

Susanna Nicoletti highlights an approach focused on the discovery of a secret key that opens the door to the next chapter in the history of this amazing ecosystem. The key will be unveiled chapter after chapter in this intriguing essay, that will provide also a “bonus track”.

Fashion insiders, professionals and cultivated luxury customers can contribute to the healthy evolution of the industry that employs amazing artisans, retail people, digital experts as well as business managers with the best knowledge and the highest attention to the customer service.

The more the industry is able to promote its own transformation, the better all these precious skills, brands and products will be put in the condition to thrive in the long term.

This essay is fueled by passion and understanding of the luxury and fashion industry as well as by the need for cross-pollination from other industries, thought leaders, brilliant business minds with full endorsement of a new and refreshing management approach. It also highlights hot topics and key questions that are polarizing the whole industry pushed in a crazy cash cow direction unless a different and bold strategy is developed.

This essay sums up all the experience made by Susanna Nicoletti in more than 20 years at the helm of the most renown luxury and fashion brands as well as the curiosity and the thinking there is no box that always encouraged the author to move ahead from the status quo.

This book is for the bold, the brave, the thought provokers, the curious spirits that are willing to enlighten the path towards a new sustainable and meaningful era in fashion and luxury.