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These are times when humans are pushing themselves to the limits.

From the terrible Coronavirus emergency, to a very likely deep recession, to the American riots against racism and violence to the Elon Musk Launch America mission, the human beings have responsibility in the good and the bad times of human history.

Thanks to bright minds we can still explore, discover and search for the unknown, we can improve people lives and we can help out planet Earth to be healthy and its animals safe.
We can improve through innovation
The alternative is to open a path of deceit led by evil minds, greed, pushiness.

The only thing that, as a society, can help us is mindful awareness.

Only if we are awake and we nurture our critical thinking skills, we have a chance to make it in a world that is made purposely confused, complex and articulated.

Elon Musk went “from getting bullied in school to becoming a small-time entrepreneur and eventually the CEO of two major companies that seem like they’re straight out of science fiction — and he almost went broke along the way. ” writes Business Insider.


We need the courage to make decisions and take the reins of our lives in our hands.