On Instagram, the Amazon forest and Fashion

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The Amazon forest is burning in a dramatic time of environmental disaster happening worldwide.
The nuclear explosion in Russia was not even covered by the news.
The China geo-engineering of the Tibetan plateau is something that most of the people are unaware of.

But Instagram has been recently flooded with posts from fashion designers, founders, pr, models, photographers and so on saying “The Amazon forest is burning!”

So, what?

Do you really think a tweet or a post can save the world while you sip champagne from the terrace facing the Mykonos sea or a spritz from a yacht overviewing the Ibiza coolest restaurant?

We can do better.

There is no obligation in being eco-friendly.
But if you want to be an authentic eco-warrior, well, you should walk the talk, move all your power, create a lobby pushing the governments being more sensitive and proactive.
Otherwise is just fluff. And people will clearly understand it.