#Luxury is About Time (not Pricing)

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I recently decided to print new business cards for my The Fashion Dispatch. A website with a kind of typewriter font, no pictures and well, personally crafted contents.

There are so many options from online services (cheap and quick) to print shops (high volumes at low price).

But I went for a different option.

A month ago, walking in the amazing town of Lucca, I bumped into an “Antica Stamperia” and entered this amazing place full of precious paper, vintage printing machinery and handcrafted inks.

I am a very digital person and I appreciate all the opportunities given by new technology. But I also appreciate paper notebooks, well gliding pens, inks of different colours.

It took me one month to have my new business cards.

I personally chose the paper. The layout. The ink colour.

It took the work of three people to print them.

Using a 1950 Heidelberg Stella printing machinery. (My symbol is a star. That’s synchronicity!)

It’s not a matter of price.

It’s about what you want to communicate with a strategic tool.

It’s the feeling you want to leave.

It’s all about luxury. And the time it takes to create the magic.

It’s the story you want to share. It’s all about how deeply you care about a project.

Luxury takes time. And soul.