Golden Rules for Luxury CEOs and Founders

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Some key learnings from what happened last week.

  • China is increasingly the battlefield for Brands survival and growth. Be focused, learn the rules and try not to mess with them
  • Don’t be obsessed by China only. Develop a healthy Brand growth globally
  • The Brand reputation comes before any personal opinion of the management. Work to preserve it together with DNA
  • Don’t stop monitoring the markets and deal with them with the precious help of your local offices
  • Social media people are not friends nor enemies. Keep the proper distance, especially if they earn their salary from the media
  • Manage your Ego and avoid being a victim of it
  • Create a team of loyal and trusted professionals, listen to them and then take key decisions.

Your team is your wild card. Friends and family won’t help.

  • Brand strategy is a must. It comes before anything else. It’s the key success factor and it must be based on market analysis, focus groups, weak signals and Brand vision
  • Be a student and a diplomat. Read books and exercise
  • Beware of competitors. You are not managing a company, you are leading a war

And, if you want to change the world, start making your own bed (Admiral William H. McRaven)

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