Silver is speech, silence is golden

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Bernard Arnault, Phoebe Philo, Hedi Slimane, Martin Margiela, Kate Moss.
They all have something in common. Yes, they work (or they did) in the fashion and luxury industry. But it’s something more than that.
They follow the rule that it’s their own work that has to speak for themselves. They simply do not talk to press for interviews.
Silence is golden for them. They do not need to speak out loud. They work hard (or they did it in the past) and they are among the most influent people in the world.

Like it or not.

Following Charles de Gaulle quote “Silence is the ultimate weapon of power”.

Too many interviews and declaration, too much buzz created by the press is deplorable. Brands and products (and groups) should be able to speak by themselves thanks to the work done, not thanks to the propaganda.

Silver is speech (when needed) but silence is definitely golden.
Discretion is the keyword.

Very often too many words are spread when the contents-box is empty.
Too often too much buzz is created for brands that have no essence.
Final customers are wise enough now to be able to make the difference, despite the advertising and propaganda investments.
Truly authentic Brands speaking to the heart and soul of fashion clients are the ones who are genuinely growing the business and working for the long term.

DHL/McDonalds t-shirts are more short -term actions than medium term robust strategy.

As Winston Churchill (the Great) used to say “the only statistics you can trust are the ones you falsified yourself”.

Too many top influencers are just talking the talk. They won’t last.
Only the truly authentic, the ones that walked the walk will be part of the glorious story of fashion.
In a world overloaded with words, edicts, speeches and promises, the secret formula is “work hard in silence, let success speak for you”.